Sessions Starting as Low as $95

Bazooka Ball is a great alternative to popular team-battle activities like paintball or airsoft. By using modified paintball markers, Bazooka Ball players use soft foam balls as ammunition. Players must scavenge for ammunition as they play, being careful not to get hit while trying to reload their single-shot marker.

Cowboys Vs. Indians! Compete against your friends and family in our western themed battlefield. Dig in behind the town storefronts and a broken down wagon or find cover in and between canvas tee-pees and trees.

PRICE: You can purchase a 90 minute session of Bazooka Ball for up to 10 players for only $95. Additional players are $10 per person.

Bazooka Ball Markers Available Per Game: 20

Age Requirements: 8 years and up

*Bazooka Ball is available as a program activity in our existing retreat and rental packages.

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