Dear MLS Op Staff member,

As I look forward to our summer camp program in 2019, I am so excited that you are going to be a part of our team.  The opportunity to influence people to live for God by obeying His Word should motivate us to give our best effort in the summer camp program.

In anticipation of June 9, the day you are to report to Mt. Lou San, I have some action items that I need you to complete.  Please attend to these as soon as possible.

  • Information Packet - The information packet has everything you need to know about working at Mt. Lou San. You can download the packet here.

  • Your beginning step should be to begin communication with potential supporters. Instructions for this process can be found on pp. 5-6 of the Information Packet. You can also share the Support our Staff page online through social media or email.

  • Worker’s permit - If you are under the age of 18, PA state law requires you to have a worker’s permit. This can be obtained from your local school district. Regardless of whether you attend the public school, your local school district will provide you with the permit. Please begin this process as soon as possible. Once you have obtained this, please send a copy to our office so we can complete it and return it to your district.

  • Ministry Safe Training - Mt. Lou San has partnered with Ministry Safe to train our staff in prevention of abuse. Very soon, you will receive an email from Mt. Lou San with a link to the online training program. The program includes about 75 minutes of video material and a 25 question quiz. Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate. This training needs to be completed before you arrive on June 9, and you will need to bring a copy of the certificate or email it to us. If you completed this training last year, you do not need to do this again.

  • PA Child Abuse Clearance (PCAC), Pennsylvania State Police Check (PSP) - PA state law requires that employees with direct contact with children complete these clearances. You will soon receive an email with a link to completing your PCAC. Please complete the online form by May 1th. The PSP clearance is valid for 3 years and the PCAC is valid for 5 years. Those who completed this last year do not need to repeat the process and will not receive an email from our office. If you live in PA and already have these clearances, please send a copy to our office ASAP.

    • Mt. Lou San Bible Camp
      2200 Blue Mountain Parkway
      Harrisburg, PA 17112

Please contact us if you have any questions or need assistance with any of the action items. Our staff is already praying for you as you prepare to come.

Camping for Him,

Philip Drake