Please Partner With Us In These Major Improvement Projects

The Swimming Pool - Estimated Cost: $80,000

The pool has faithfully served thousands of campers since it's installation in the 70's. No major repairs have been needed to keep our pool in operation, until now. There exists a major leak which costs us extra water, chemicals and maintenance time to keep the pool filled and balanced for operation. 

Funds will be used to:

  • Find and repair leaks in pool and pump system
  • Install monitoring system to automatically regulate chlorine and pH levels
  • Repair seals and cracks around the pool
  • Repaint over repaired areas

The Road Project - Estimated Cost: $100,000

A majority of our roads on the camp property remain unpaved and covered in gravel. Over time, these areas have also begun to wash away due to heavy rain storms and water runoff, creating holes and ditches in our roads. These areas can cause risks to vehicles and visitors on the property. If we were able to accomplish this goal, we know it would make the camp look like a brand new place.

Funds will be used to:

  • Reroute water to avoid future washout of roads
  • Fill ditches and washed out areas where erosion occurred
  • Pave over all gravel roads


Cabin Renovation Project - Total Estimated Cost: $40,000; Approx. $3000 each

Remodeling has already begun on our First Cabin

Remodeling has already begun on our First Cabin

One of our main lodging areas during summer camp is our cabin circle. We have a total of 12 cabins with a two-sided shower house at the center. These cabins were originally constructed in the 50's and are in need a major renovation. Many have leaning foundation blocks, rotted wood and detaching pieces, weathered shingles, etc. These cabins are also being partially winterized by sealing them in construction and installing insulation in the floors and walls. We are doing this now so that in the future, we can offer more lodging for winter activities on the property.

Funds will be used to:

  • Replace framing, siding, doors and windows
  • Repair and reset the foundation blocks
  • Replace shingles if needed
  • Rewire the cabins
  • Install insulation and winterize
  • Upgrade the layout and the bunks
  • Build small decks onto each cabin




Dining Hall Remodel - Estimated Cost: $20,000


It is our desire to upgrade our dining hall area with a fresh coat of paint, new tables and chairs and a new serving table for our drink machines. All the furniture currently being used in the dining hall was donated to us used and it has served us well for many years. We are beginning to notice that many of the chairs and tables are showing major wear - rips, detached joints, split wood, etc. We'd also like get all of our drink machines onto a wide stainless steel table that would be easy to clean and more presentable.

Funds will be used to:

  • Purchase new tables and chair
  • Repaint and redecorate
  • Purchase new table for drink machines