A Vision for Improvement

Please Partner With Us In These Major Improvement Projects for the Camp


Cabin Replacement Project - Estimated Cost: $10,000 each

We have a total of 10 cabins (Includes Faith Lodge) that still need to be replaced. These cabins were originally constructed in the 50's, are currently used for lodging for our boy campers and are in need of major renovation. In the fall of 2016, we began a project to replace cabins.  Three cabins have been replace so far.

This cabin overview video will show why replacing our. cabins is such a great need. (Filmed 2016)

Our contractor will construct the "shell" of the cabin on-site. To minimize cost, Mt. Lou San staff and volunteers will complete the interiors. This will include interior insulation, paneling, and electrical work. Each cabin will also have a new layout with new bunks. These cabins will be partially winterized. Doing this now will help us to one day off more lodging for winter activities on the property.

Funds will be used to:

  • Replace Cabin with new exterior "shell", constructed offsite

  • Establish new foundations

  • Transport and install new cabin exterior

  • Install electrical in cabin

  • Install insulation, interior paneling and floors

  • Upgrade the layout and the bunks

  • Install small decks onto cabin


The Swimming Pool - Estimated Cost: $75,000

At the end of summer camp in 2016, we had some significant issues with our pool, which included a major leak and structural instability.  After having a pool company provide an estimate, we learned that it would take approximately $75,000 to have this work done.

We began sharing this with the Mt. Lou San community, and through various gifts, God provided $11,322.  While we are thankful for this amount, we could not enter that commitment being so far short of the necessary funds.  As a short-term solution, we replaced one of the filters at the pool and did significant concrete work around the rim of the pool.  This short-term solution worked very well throughout the summer.  Currently there is no leak and the structure is stable.  It is still an old pool in need of attention, but the urgency of the issue has subsided.

Funds will be used to:

  • Install monitoring system to automatically regulate chlorine and pH levels

  • Repair structural damage on the pool lining

  • Repair seals and cracks around the pool edging

  • Repaint over repaired areas

Repaving Portions of our Roads - Cost: $30,000

One of the heaviest traffic areas of Mt. Lou San is the triangle of roads around our Outpost. From there the trail to summer camp registration leads to our Tabernacle parking lot.  Sections of these roads were replaced, and some sections of these roads were repaired at a cost of $30,000.  Camper parents will notice a big improvement and appreciate the smooth ride to registration.

The road project is not done! There are still many sections of road at the camp in dire need of new paving. Total cost would amount close to $100,000 to finish the whole property.

Funds will be used to:

  • Reroute water to avoid future washout of roads

  • Fill ditches and washed out areas where erosion occurred

  • Place new pavement over all gravel roads


Replacing Septic System - Estimated Total Cost: TBD

We are currently consulting with an engineering firm as we look to upgrade our septic system to handle the current demands of the camp property throughout the year. Our current system was designed 50 years ago and not intended to handle the increase in usage that the camp now demands. Upgrading the septic system to a modern solution also could potentially allow us to expand in the future. Total cost of this project is undetermined but will easily be in the range of a few hundred thousand dollars over the course of many years. 

Stage 1: Consulting

Stage 2: Monitor Installation

Stage 3: New Septic System Installation