During a week of camp, a camper will be served 14 meals at Mt. Lou San and various snacks throughout the week. A camper will also be allowed to purchase food items from our snack shop. We are aware that children have various food allergies and sensitivities. Unfortunately, due to time restraints and the volume of food served at each meal, Mt. Lou San does not offer special dietary menus.

If you feel your child needs supplemental or replacement food, you may deliver the food to the camp kitchen on the day of registration during our check-in times (2:00-4:00). Due to health codes and the risk of cross contamination, our food service staff cannot cook individual meals.  Everything must be pre-made, pre-cooked, and pre-packaged in serving size containers. We can make a refrigerator, freezer, dry storage, or a microwave available. Please label the containers with camper name, along with the date and the meal the food should be served.

Campers who attend camp at Mt. Lou San with severe food allergies must be very aware of their allergy and what they can and cannot eat. Since the severity of food allergies varies, Mt. Lou San trusts the parent to decide if the camp environment is safe for your child’s health. If you feel that it is, we will do what we can to make the week safe for your camper. If you have any further questions or concerns regarding food service, email our administrator.