For the campers this summer, it has been GAME ON during our program.The Board Blazers and the Risky Rollers have competed in activities to see who can be the first to conquer Mount Loumanji. In addition to great group activities, campers have engaged in our high and low ropes courses, ranges, escape room, bazooka ball, and archery tag (not as dangerous as it sounds).


During our junior and teen camps, we are investigating questions campers are asking about God, the Bible, and Christianity. Juniors have looked at questions like “Who is Jesus?” “How do I get along with others?” and “Why would I consider being a missionary?” while teens are considering “How can I make the Bible applicable to me?” “Why do bad things happen to good people?” and “Who made me and why am I this way?”


The theme for our staff in the summer of 2018 is “Moved with Compassion” based on Matthew 9:36-38. Our goal as a staff has been to see beyond the surface and to be alert to the spiritual needs of the campers. 18 counselors and 15 operational staff members have joined our full-time team to provide an unforgettable week to children and teens. Many churches and dear friends have participated in our S.O.S. (Support our Staff) program so we could assemble a quality staff for summer camp.


One of our counselors was provided an opportunity to show a young female camper the contentment and joy that comes with the knowledge that we are all created in God’s image during Junior Camp when she began to observe one of her campers demonstrating a pronounced lack of self-confidence. Long-existing issues with body image prevented this young girl from participating in several camp activities. By the end of the week, this young girl responded to a chapel message on self-worth, embracing the Truth that “God made her perfect.” She expressed a desire to deepen her relationship with God and committed to sharing all that she learned at camp with her family and friends upon returning home.

Thank You!

Without the dedicated group of financial supporters for our camp staff, it would not be possible to hold our summer camp program at Mt. Lou San. We truly appreciate your investment!