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We were extremely blessed during this past summer to have over 750 children and teens spend a week with us in our summer camp program. The theme was lumberjacks competing for land in the Timber Tourney! This theme has been a camper favorite as it provides unique games, interesting characters, and a variety of flannel-filled fun!


In the chapels, the junior campers were led through Matthew 5 with a series of lessons on the Beatitudes. Each chapel session was dedicated to studying one beatitude. Campers were taught how they can lead a life that is “blessed” by following the teachings of Christ during the Sermon on the Mount. The teen campers spent their week working through a series called “It’s Your Choice” which focused on the critical decisions teens face in a variety of everyday situations.

It is so encouraging to see how God uses the chapel services, as well as the cabin devotional times, to show Himself to our campers, deeply impacting their lives and bringing about salvation decisions and spiritual commitments.


A more behind-the-scenes ministry that happens during camp is the staff discipleship that the high-school aged operational staff receive. These young people give their summer to work in vital areas of the camp such as food service, hospitality, maintenance and grounds keeping. Apart from the chapels, the “op-staff” also receive discipleship from our leadership through daily class sessions. They spent the summer studying the book of James, learning “practical pointers” on how a believer in Christ can grow and mature.

Our summer camp program is one of the most intense and active seasons of the year, and we thank God for how he continues to provide the needed staff to facilitate it well, serve our campers and glorify God in their lives.

Thank you also, for your continued support which allows us to provide such a unique ministry to children and teens from several states!