Stories of Salvation from our 2019 Summer Camp Season


1.      Cabin leader Brea experienced the power and conviction of the Holy Spirit working within her cabin when two young girls, who came to summer camp with no expectation to experience God, accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior. The pair had previously claimed to deny the existence of God, however, on Friday, they proclaimed to their cabin leader with full assurance, “We saw Jesus this week.”

 2.      Operational staff member Katarina was thrilled to have the opportunity to lead two young girls to the Lord following a Friday night chapel.


 3.      Cabin leader Megan learned the most this summer through the eyes of a junior camper with a range of disabilities. This child appeared to be struggling with the concept of faith early in the week. Megan began to notice that as time progressed, this young girl seemed more eager to monitor her own words and actions and was quick to seek forgiveness if she felt she had offended someone. Her quick temper seemed to gradually wane and she increasingly demonstrated care and compassion for those around her. Nearing the end of Junior Week Three, she came to know the Lord.


 4.      A nighttime, group camp activity played at camp known as, “Underground Church” stirred a sense of conviction in the hearts of many campers throughout the summer camp season. Children and teens were able to obtain a closer idea of what everyday life may look like for the persecuted church--their brothers and sisters who have chosen to follow Christ in spite of the dangers they face on a daily basis. Cabin leader Jessica had several campers who became born-again Christians following this game.

 5.      Cabin leader Daniel witnessed one of his campers accept Christ as his Savior following a morning chapel session which featured several team members who served on a discussion panel. The camper was challenged by the authentic faith of the staff members sharing on the panel, who had overcome multiple trials and hardships in their lifetime. He expressed that he had undeniably “heard God speaking to him” throughout the discussion. This camper had previously declined to trust in God’s sovereignty following the death of a beloved family member, but learned, through the faith experiences of the team members, that the depths of God’s love extends far beyond his comprehension; and that God had never left him during his time of grief.

 6.      A teen camper in Megan’s cabin had arrived to Mt. Lou San previously struggling with depression, left having come to accept Christ into her heart. She had befriended another camper while there who also received Christ that week. The two agreed to encourage one another, as well as hold each other accountable, once they returned to their respective homes.



Identified culprit and unsavory Mama’s Boy “Keif Stealerman,” has unabashedly stolen the gems of Mt. Lou San. In “The Great Chase,” competing teams Turbulence and JetStream aim to reclaim the most gems by traveling to prime landmarks around the world. Globe-trotting campers earn “travel miles” for their respective teams completing objectives which include painting their counselor’s face, scripture memorization, landing a ‘bullseye’ at the Sawblade or Hawk Throwing Range, finding the Big Dipper and many more! Mt. Lou San staples-the “Escape Room,” archery and laser tag, Bazooka Ball, as well as high and low ropes courses-are in full operation and remain as camp favorites. Exciting updates to the facility include two cabin renovations and the addition of a Gazebo Swing to further promote connection and community on the premises.



Mt. Lou San’s chapel theme this summer featured, “The Incredible Race”- our objective is for campers to understand that we are all descendants of Adam and Eve united as family in a single, human race. Though we are comprised of many nations, we are all the same in that we are “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14), we all have sinned (Romans 3:23) and that Jesus loves each one of us so much that His death has allowed for reconciliation with God (John 3:16). Cabin devotionals use the parables, or teachings of Jesus Christ, to illustrate the character qualities that we are to cultivate as disciples. For example, through the “Parable of the Talents,” we are taught to be good stewards of all the resources, gifts and abilities that the Lord has entrusted to us. Through “The Good Samaritan,” we learn the importance of having compassion on others. Many campers have already made commitments to maintain a daily quiet time, confront a consistent sin in their lives, and others have even come to trust Christ as their Lord and Savior.


2019 MLS Staff.jpg

“Get Your Serve On” is the current focus of the summer staff at Mt. Lou San. We are learning that our service to others is a reflection of the love and workings of Christ in our lives. Through the generosity of many ministry supporters, we have a multitude of staff on board this summer serving in operations, camp counseling, program and first aid. Several alumni members have returned to Mt. Lou San, dedicating their summer to the furtherance of His Kingdom. Regular training and discipleship with the staff occurs with the intent that we will be better equipped to pour into our ministry to children and teens this summer.

Thank You!

Without the dedicated group of financial supporters for our camp staff, it would not be possible to hold our summer camp program at Mt. Lou San. We truly appreciate your investment!